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Programs offered to mothers after delivery.

Designed to offer resources and care to the mother and her newborn baby

immediately after the birth of the baby and for the first 2 years of life.

Postnatal Program

Parent and child (0-2 yrs old) groups that offer support and the possibility of building lasting relationships with other parents.

Sessions  can cover anything from baby development to playing and singing with baby, safety, budgeting, relationships, feeding baby…depending on the interests and needs of the group.

Mother's Mental Health Program

Mothers Mental Health Program is a non-judgmental, gentle-approach program offered to moms with young child(ren).


It is a place where you can meet other moms and share your experience with Perinatal Mood Disorders, including Depression and Anxiety.


Experience a welcoming of women where we all support each other, and enjoying a safe space where you can share your wins and struggles, all the while empowering each other as we go through the Mother's Mental Health Toolkit. 

Topics include during this program includes: wellness and self care, nutrition, support, stress management, and more. 

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