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About Us

Our Story

The Early Childhood Family Resource Centre of Westmorland-Albert has been operating since 1995. We were established to provide families with children under the age of six with the resources, support, and services to enrich their lives and promote healthy child development. 

We are proud to be one of the 13 Centres supported by the New Brunswick Association of Family Resource Centres. Our main Centre is located at 86 Ste-Therese St. in Dieppe, NB. Our outreach locations are in Salisbury, Hillsborough, Petitcodiac, Moncton, and Dieppe. We hope to offer programming again soon other locations in Southeast NB.

Since 2008, we have received some annual funding from the provincial government's Department of Education and Early Childhood. 

We operate under the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC). In 2016, we added the Canadian Prenatal National Program (CPNP) to our centre to improve the health of parents and babies. This program currently supports our prenatal and postnatal support, workshops, and resources.

We are dedicated to working with families and providing them with the programs and resources they need to support their children's healthy development. 

Our Centre is staffed by friendly, reliable, and bilingual professionals who strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone.

We are a charitable, not-for-profit organization and welcome donations and financial support. If you are interested in making a contribution to our centre, please call 506-384-7874 or email

Our Values

  • We embrace an inclusive philosophy that supports all families and values linguistic duality and diversity, providing a respectful environment for everyone.

  • We work with families as primary partners, encouraging them to identify their needs, strengths, and resources. 

  • We value parents' knowledge and encourage them to become resources for one another. 

  • We are committed to helping all families, focusing on those facing challenges such as poverty, family violence, or cultural diversity. 

  • We strive to develop trust with families, promote healthy child development, and ensure culturally appropriate resources and programs for families with children aged 0-6. 

  • We encourage participation and work collaboratively with community partners to meet our participant's needs.

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