Parenting Services

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen

This is a down to earth, respectful

approach that helps families develop healthy relationships and best strategies

for communication with their children.


This program offers great opportunities to practice during the program with the group members and at home with your children through the week.

Handle with Care

Handle with Care is a simple

interactive program to help parents

and caregivers, including those who

work in early childhood settings,

to promote the mental health of

young children from birth to 6 years.

Positive Parenting

The Positive Parenting Program is a

helpful, practical approach to raising children that focuses on the positive.


You will learn simple tips and routines that can make big differences to your family.

You’ll be amazed how even a few

small changes in what you say

and do can work wonders.

Kids Have Stress Too 

The program educates parents, caregivers and teachers on how to recognize and understand stress in children and equips them with the knowledge, awareness, and skills to help children become healthier and more resilient by learning how to manage their stress.

Nobody's Perfect

Nobody’s Perfect is an educational

and support program for parents

with children aged five and under

who are lone parents, young people, socially or geographically isolated,

or are a low income family.


This program is delivered in a

group session where parents have

the opportunity to increase their

knowledge and understanding of

their child’s behavior and development.