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“Let’s Work Together”

Our “Let’s Work Together” philosophy encourages staff and participants to work together to keep the Centre a safe and welcoming place to learn and have fun.

Participant guidelines

To ensure the safety of your family, we invite you to cooperate with us.  As the building is in a public area, please be very vigilant when arriving or leaving the premises, including the parking lot. At all times, your child must be accompanied by an adult. If you need to leave the room, have someone watch your child for you.


  • You must remove your shoes or boots at the entrance. So, bring indoor shoes or wear socks in the playroom at all times.

  • If a child brings a toy from home, they will need to leave it at the front desk. (To prevent them from losing it or other unpleasant situations).

  • To ensure the safety of children, hot drinks are not allowed in the playroom.  Also, food and beverages are not permitted in the playroom, except during designated snack time.

  • We encourage you to bring a nutritious snack for your child(ren). Unauthorized foods: candy, sweets and any other food containing nuts or peanuts. (If you do not have a snack, please ask a coordinator, we will have something to offer).

  • Positive discipline is part of your child's learning and the Centre’s philosophy. Physical discipline or raising your voice towards your child will not be accepted at the Centre. If you need help with socializing your child and interacting with other children, our staff will be happy to guide you.

  • We encourage children to play with sharing in mind.

  • When a program is over, we invite you and your child to help the staff put toys away and clean the playroom for the following program.

  • Privacy and security matter at the Family Resource Centre: cameras and cell phones are prohibited in the children's play area.

  • If you need help with transportation, we can offer free bus tickets.

  • When there is a storm, and the schools are closed, we will also be closed. It will be posted on our Facebook page.


For further information, do not hesitate to ask the staff for help!


We appreciate your cooperation!

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