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Early Life Services

Services offered for children age 0-6.

Designed to cover childhood wellbeing, gender equality, social cohesion, and lifelong learning.

Free Play at the Centre 

Join us at the Main Centre every Thursday morning, from 9:30-11:30 for a morning of fun, games & crafts!  (We've also added this activity on Mondays, from 1:30 to 3:30pm for January)

Free for all to attend. Age 0-6.

To be 4, Funs Galore!

(preparation to kindergarten)

Join us for a 10-weeks preparation to preschool program! 

Age appropriate learning activities to

help your child gain self-confidence

and be prepare for school!

Healthy Start for Active Kids

Healthy Start for Active Kids is a bilingual program for increasing healthy eating and physical activity opportunities in early learning environments.


This comprehensive, evidence-based program provides free professional development training for early years practitioners and parents.

Musical Wednesdays with Monique

Join us for our weekly Musical Wednesdays- offered alternatively in English and French!


Come sing, dance, and play with our instructor and coordinator Monique for an interactive morning with your little ones! 

1, 2, 3, GO!

Families with children 0-6 years are welcome to join us for this one-hour,

weekly fun exercise activity!


As we are offering this program in a gym in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club,

it is mandatory that both parents and children wear sneakers.

Active Kids Program

The aim of this program is to increase the opportunities for daily, quality physical activity for young children and the adults around them.


There are toolkits and training workshops designed specifically to meet the needs of the parents and caregivers that want to enhance the physical activity experiences of young children.

Each family that registers for the workshop, will receive a toolkit that is designed for families. That toolkit will be a big part of the program. 

Children develop coordination, appropriate motor skills, social skills, leadership, imagination, and confidence through the physical activity experiences that are woven into their entire day. 

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