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Your home, away from home.

Serving the community of Westmorland-Albert since 1995.

About Us

Our project has been established since 1995

and operates under the Community Action Program for Children and the Canadian Prenatal National Program.


Our organization is funded mainly by The Public Health Agency of Canada and partly by the provincial government, Department of Education and Early Childhood since 2008.

We operate under an inclusive philosophy, which aims to support all families, by nurturing linguistic duality, diversity, and providing a respectful environment for all families.


We provide information and resources to support parents/ caregivers/ grandparents into making healthier choices for themselves and their little one(s).  


All of the activities offered at the Main Centre location and Outreach sites, will offer you many opportunities to socialize and to learn in a very welcoming and safe environment.

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Services offered to

women during pregnancy.


Designed to promote

the health and well-being

of the mother, fetus,

and family.

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Services offered to mothers after delivery.

Designed to offer

resources and care to the mother and her newborn baby immediately after

the birth of the baby and for the first 2 years of life.

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Early Years 

Services offered

to families with children age 0-6.

Designed to cover family and childhood wellbeing,

 lifelong learning & development through play, and developing a support network with other families and organizations in your community


Services offered to

parents, grandparents 

and caregivers.

Designed to help parental figures, and their community, in their parenting roles.



"This place is invaluable to new parents! We've participated in quite a few of their activities and always have fun and meet new friends! The staff is always warm and friendly and they seem to care about everyone who come through their doors!"
Quinn Taylor
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