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We believe that families are engaged when they are motivated and empowered to

identify their needs, their strengths and resources. Our approach is to work WITH families as primary partner.


We value parents’ knowledge and encourage them to become resources for one another.

Our Organization is committed to help all families. Some programs and strategies will focus on

reaching and supporting families who face challenges such as poverty, family violence or cultural diversity.

Overall main objective is:

To provide a continuum of prevention, education and support services from pregnancy

to 6 years of age to help improve the quality of life of families and the healthy development

of their children in both official languages.

Our general goals:
– Develop a relationship of trust with families.
– To offer a caring nurturing and safe environment for families and their children 0-6.
– To promote positive parenting through education and support programs.
– To promote global healthy child development in partnership with parents.
– To provide culturally appropriate resources and services according to the needs

   and preferences of families from pre-birth to age 6.
– To promote healthy interaction between parents and their children.
– To offer space for families to meet and develop friendships and social support networks.
– To encourage initiatives and belief in the potential of each parent.
– Work collaboratively with other organizations and partners in our community

    to better meet participants’ needs in our community.

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